Hydraulic-Electric Stab Plates

Hydraulic-Electric Stab Plates

FES International offers customers a choice of stab plates with hydraulic and electrical connections.

The company designs bespoke stabplates, meeting client’s individual specifications. Specifically, we have developed our own automatic disconnection system, which enables quick release disconnections from only 15 seconds, significantly improving on existing disconnection speeds available with other products on the market.

Customers are also offered the following options on bespoke orders:

  • A choice of coupling materials, fluid sealing and composition designs;
  • A range of design pressures from 0-15,000 psi;
  • Variety of coupling sizes from a quarter-of-an inch to two inches;
  • Low and high voltage electrical connections.
  • Fibre optic connection

FES International stab plates are developed in accordance with and verified by industry regulations.

Further technical information can be downloaded from product specifications.

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