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Cargo Offloading Hose Reel Systems

Designed for use on FPSO, FSO and FLNG vessels, the FES Cargo Offloading Hose Reel System provides an integrated solution for ship to ship and ship to shore offloading activities.

With an experienced design team, proactive project management and a wide network of approved sub-vendors, FES can provide an all-in-one solution for offloading activities. Our complete cargo offloading system includes supply of:

  • Offloading Hose
  • Spooling System
  • Control Station (typically located on reel access platform)
  • Control Panel to integrate with vessel control systems
  • Flushing hose and adaptor
  • Hawser & Reel
  • HPU (to power Hawser & Offloading Reels)
  • Emergency Release Coupling (ERC) at interface to hose / reel
  • Emergency Shut Down Valve (ESD)

 Our flexible design and systems knowledge means that, for all projects, the design of the system is tailored to suit specific operational requirements, increasing efficiency and allowing FES to provide an offloading system suitable for use in a wide range of operating environments.

As with all FES fluid handling and transfer solutions, the Cargo Offloading Hose Reel Systems are designed in accordance with the latest industry specifications, with design, manufacture and testing completed with full third-party accreditation (DNV, ABS and Lloyd’s Register among others).

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