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Marine Breakaway Couplings

FES Marine Breakaway Couplings provide a low-risk, peace-of-mind safeguard during fluid transfer operations. Designed to prevent fluid leakage in the case of unplanned disconnection or pressure surge, the Marine Breakaway Coupling is suitable for use on import and export of a wide range of fluids.

Commonly installed on vessel offloading hoses, the Marine Breakaway Coupling is a key component both to protect from environmental damage from potential leaks during unplanned disconnections, and to protect connected hardware from damage in pressure surge situations. Reduction of these risks can prevent large incurred costs in the future, if a problem was to occur.


The compact, efficient design of the FES Marine Breakaway Coupling is designed for ease of installation and ease of use – detailed design and analysis carried out on all bespoke coupling designs ensure the coupling is optimized to meet all client loadings, pressures and operating requirements.

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