Offloading Hose End Valves

The FES Offloading Hose End Valve (commonly referred to as a “North Sea Valve”) provides safe, leak free storage and connection of cargo offloading hoses, prior to fluid transfer.

Fitted to the end of cargo offloading hoses, the FES Offloading Hose End Valve is designed to be compatible with all existing transfer connections and can also be supplied as part of the FES complete Cargo Offloading Hose Reel System. Interfacing with the offloading vessel, the valve assembly helps to ensure a leak free connection during offloading activities.

A standard 20”, 300# design utilizing FES’s technical experience in the fluid transfer sector provides a complete solution with design, analysis and testing in accordance with the latest industry standards.

In 2019, following a rigorous design review and testing program, FES successfully applied for and now hold ABS Type Approval for the Offloading Hose End Valve. Further information, including ABS certification, can be viewed online.

Verification of design, manufacture and testing can be completed with full third-party accreditation (DNV, ABS and Lloyd’s Register among others).

Key Features:

  • Design Pressure: 19.6bar (284PSI)
  • Design Temperature: -5°C to 38°C
  • Maximum Flowrate: 1.84 m³/s
  • Pressure Drop at maximum flowrate: 2.0bar (29PSI)
  • Adjustable closing time from 25 seconds +
  • Third party classification society approved design and testing program available
  • Optimised design for maximum weight and cost savings
  • Modular design allows for easy maintenance and repair
  • Specification: OCIMF 2009

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