Diverless Bend Stiffener Connector (DBSC)

Extensively field proven, tried and tested – with designs tailored to suit all project requirements and provide safe and secure connection of bend stiffeners

FES diverless bend stiffener connector’s API17L1-certified design enables quick, efficient and cost effective installation of bend stiffeners in often very congested and confined spaces with little to no subsea intervention.

With over 400 connectors supplied and 300+ installed in 14 years, the FES DBSC provides an efficient and safe method of subsea installation of bend stiffeners.

The patented automatic end fitting release system allows for the connection of the bend stiffener and release of the riser/umbilical and end fitting without subsea intervention.

A combination of calculations in accordance with industry standards, sophisticated computer software & the latest FEA programmes is utilised to achieve the necessary design parameters and a first-class engineered solution to each client project specification. All components are designed and manufactured by FES and approved sub suppliers, ensuring that FES retains control of product quality and material traceability.

This focus on design excellence, quality control and first-class manufacturing has led to FES DBSCs being certified by API as Load Transfer Devices in accordance with API 17L1 – the Specification for Flexible Pipe Ancillary Equipment.

In-house assembly and testing facilities allow FES to provide a rigorous testing program for all connectors produced, with all items undergoing a number of fit and function checks. Bespoke test rigs allow for simulated installation and load tests to verify DBSC design and prove operation at a wide range of installation loads and angles.

Key Features:

  • Certified to API17L1 (Specification for Flexible Pipe Ancillary Equipment)
  • Interventionless or ROV/Diver Intervention for connection
  • Topside/Diver/ROV Intervention for disconnection
  • Proven components and Latching Principles maintain positive locking
  • Mechanisms & Indicators to confirm installation and latch position
  • Adaptable to all Umbilical/Riser diameters, loads and I/J Tube dimensions
  • Utilises a minimum of moving parts
  • Maintenance free mechanism
  • Compact and lightweight construction
  • Minimal pull in force required.
  • Designed for up to 40 year operational life without wear, fatigue or material failure

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