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Fluid Transfer Swivels

A range of swivels for high performance in inline, turret or CALM buoy fluid transfer operations

FES International combines practical experience and precision engineering to produce a range of fluid transfer swivels to ensure efficient performance to suit bespoke client requirements.

Operating at a wide range of pressures and end loads, these swivels are precision engineered to meet the exact requirements of each particular project.

  • Turret Swivels

    Production, gas, hydraulic & utility, chemical injection, single, in-line and multi-path swivels and swivel stacks - developed in accordance with and verified by industry regulations.

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  • Inline Swivels

    Inline through bore swivels, suitable for low and high pressure applications, and capable of operation under large axial, bearing and shear loads.

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  • Calm Buoy Swivels

    Modular design provides efficient transfer of fluids on CALM buoy structures, with the flexibility to accommodate a range of fluids, end connections, path quantities and to incorporate electrical slip rings and hydraulic swivels.

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