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Calm Buoy Swivel

Single, dual and triple path layouts, with modular design providing unparalleled flexibility in design

Incorporating proven technologies, industry best practices and a wealth of design experience, an approach to bespoke project design through modular components allows FES to accommodate a wide range of pipe configurations with single, dual and triple path swivel assemblies.

Using state of the art sealing and bearing systems, the CALM buoy swivel allows for full rotation while maintaining fluid transfer of a wide range of products including oil, LPG, water and other fluids, and can also incorporate electrical and hydraulic system lines.

By incorporating the bearing and sealing system into the modular central swivel hub, the upper or lower swivel assembly or swivel hub can easily be removed and refurbished during the project life, or replaced as project requirements change.

This modular system also allows FES to carry out static and dynamic Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) of the bearing sealing system while the remaining upper and lower assemblies are being fabricated and machined, decreasing lead times and reducing the risk profile.

This also allows for greater flexibility in the design of swivel interfaces, with FES offering single, dual and triple path designs, with fluid paths from 16” and above. Precision sealing systems allow for the transfer of a range of fluids including oil, gas, water and FES CALM buoy swivels can also incorporate electrics, fibre-optics and hydraulic supply using electrical slip rings and/or multi-path hydraulic swivels.

Key Features:

  • Experienced design team allows bespoke designs to meet any and all project requirements
  • Single, double and triple product designs available
  • Modular design to allow easy refurbishment and replacement, better sealing performance and to reduce risk and lead times
  • In-house test facilities for complete factory acceptance, pressure and rotational testing.
  • Electrical, fibre optic slip ring and hydraulic swivel combined designs available
  • 25 year design life – based on continuous service
  • Leak detection system incorporated into sealing design
  • 3rd party accreditation (DNV, ABS, BV, Lloyds etc.)
  • Carbon steel materials as standard sealing surfaces inlayed with Inconel 625, other materials available to suit the product (e.g. stainless steel or duplex)

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