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Inline Swivels

Triple action bearing system with a sealing system designed to suit project environment, providing leak-free fluid transfer during rotation

The FES International Inline Swivel combines practical experience and precision engineering to ensure efficient performance to suit bespoke client requirements.

Operating at a wide range of pressures and end loads, the Inline Swivel can function with a diverse range of fluid media and the sealing system can be modified to suit any client needs. Previous FES products have ranged from 2” bore to 7 1/16” bore, with diameters ranging from 240mm to 930mm and lengths from 350mm to over 1400mm.

FES Inline Swivels contain a triple-action bearing system designed to take high axial, radial and bending loads during product design life. The swivels also include integral end connections to provide strength, and can be manufactured to a number of end fitting design specifications.

Utilising a wide range of seal designs and configurations, designed with input from industry leaders in sealing solutions, FES Inline Swivels are engineered to meet all client design pressure needs. FES Inline Swivels have operated with various fluid mediums including drilling fluids, hydrocarbons and gases, with design pressures ranging from 2,500 PSI (172 bar) to 15,000 PSI (1034 bar).

To ensure that the FES swivel systems are installed and commissioned successfully, an installation team including skilled and qualified engineers and technicians has been brought together. It ensures that critical stages of installation are carried out in accordance with approved installation & testing procedures and methods.

Using bespoke in-house test rigs, FES is capable of testing to a range of international standards and client specifications, completing load, pressure and rotation testing where required. FES has a proven track record of testing with a range of materials, from water to nitrogen gas.

FES has performed inline swivel testing to ISO 10423 F.1.11, a 24/7 testing programme which involved subjecting the seals to intense pressure temperature cycling from 2°C to 121°C while under pressures of up to 10,000PSI. This project is believed to be the first test of its kind carried out with a dynamic sealing environment.

Key Features:

  • Design pressures up to 15,000 PSI
  • Axial loads up to 450+te
  • Range of sealing options for differing fluid media and pressures
  • Comprehensive triple-action bearing system to withstand high axial, radial and bending loads
  • Broad testing programme using bespoke in-house test rigs
  • Leak detection ports allow any seal leakage to be quickly identified
  • Wide range of end fitting connections can be supplied including hubs manufactured to Techlok, Grayloc and API 16A specification, flanges in accordance with API 6A, ANSI B16.5, weld preparations and hammer lug unions

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