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Turret Swivels

Production, gas, hydraulic & utility, chemical injection, single, in-line and multi-path swivels and swivel stacks - developed in accordance with and verified by industry regulations

The latest technology, combined with practical experience and professional integrity has been utilised to sustain the successful achievements of the FES fluid swivel systems.

FES provides multipath production, single inline gas import and export, chemical injection and hydraulic swivels as standalone components, and frequently as part of a tailored swivel stack design, engineered to meet all project requirements and facilitate efficient operation of vessel fluid transfer operations.

Continuous engineering design / development combined with comprehensive testing programmes ensures that the FES Swivel Systems remain at the forefront of swivel design technology.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction, along with experience and ability gives FES the edge in terms of service commitment and above all a flexibility that enables FES to provide a first class engineered solution.

To ensure that the FES Swivel Systems are installed and commissioned successfully, an installation team including skilled and qualified engineers and technicians has been brought together to ensure that critical stages of installation are carried out in accordance with approved installation & testing procedures and methods.

Design Characteristics:

  • Multi-path or single Inline swivel systems design to meet with project / client requirements
  • Pressure ranges from 0-15,000 PSI
  • Flow path size from ¼” up to 20”
  • Swivel system sealing system designed to operate with a diverse range of fluid media including live Hydrocarbons (Liquids, Sand and Solids), Stabilized Hydrocarbons, Gas, Hydraulic Oil & Various Chemicals
  • Multiple sealing system available to ensure pressure integrity is maintained
  • Swivel sealing systems incorporating leak detection / re-cooperation system for constant monitoring of swivel seal performance and condition
  • Swivel systems integrated with robust roller & composite bearing systems to achieve maximum required axial & radial design loads
  • Third party classification society design approved
  • Full material trace ability available in accordance with EN 10204 3.1 or 3.2
  • Optimised design for maximum weight and cost savings

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