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Hydraulic/Electric/Fibre Optic
Stab Plates

High quality bespoke stab plate designs, with an automatic disconnection system allowing quick release disconnections in challenging environments

Flexible Engineered Solutions has built up a reputation for satisfying clients with a range of Hydraulic/Electric/Fibre Optic Stab Plates; offering high quality and cost effective design and manufacture, with short lead times.

With a product development methodology suited to providing a truly bespoke design to meet all client requirements and project criteria, FES Stab Plates encompass a wide range of designs and operations.

The FES Stab Plates can be populated with any configuration of hydraulic, electric and fibre optic connectors, with previous products incorporating fluid connectors from ¼” to 3”+, 0 to 15,000PSI (fluids including hydraulics, chemicals and gas) and a wide range of third party electrical and fibre optic connectors.

Designs can be subsea or diver mateable, with an integrated guidance system to provide ease of operation and installation. An FES-developed quick-connection/disconnection (QCDC) system can be incorporated into the stab plate design, providing a remotely operated method for connection and disconnection of the stab plate. This system can provide a 400mm retraction distance in around 15 seconds, allowing for quick release of the stab plate when required.

Key Features:

  • Multi-path quick release/automated systems
  • Pressure ranges from 0-15,000 PSI
  • Materials to suit client requirements
  • Multiple fluid and electrical connections varying in sizes from ¼” to 3”
  • IS signals and low and high voltage connections
  • Subsea / diver mateable design
  • Third party classification society approved hydrostatic and electrical testing program
  • Guidance system for ease of installation
  • All component parts are replaceable and fully interchangeable
  • Various hose threaded connections available on request
  • Minimum fluid loss on disconnection
  • Full material traceability available in accordance with EN 10204 3.1 or 3.2

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