Pressure Balanced Weak Link Couplings

Valved and unvalved designs to suit a range of requirements and provide an efficient, safe solution in breakaway scenarios

Ranging in size up to 12” bore the FES Pressure Balanced Weak Link Coupling operates in pressures of 0-15,000 PSI with a break load of up to 50 Te.

An optional internal valving system also ensures minimal fluid loss on disconnection, with products incorporating either a double valve (in both male and female halves), single valve (in either male or female half) or unvalved design as required.

Alongside the standard coupling design, FES has developed a deep water Pressure Balanced Weak Link Coupling. This product provides the same high quality and precise operation of the standard product, but is designed in order to operate in deep water environments, negating the effects of external pressure on the activation of the coupling.

Key Features

  • Size range from ¼” up to 12” bore
  • Pressure ranges from 0 – 15,000 PSI
  • Breaking loads from 0.5 Te – 50.0 Te
  • Materials – carbon steel (plated), stainless steel, duplex, nitronic, Inconel 718 and many other exotic materials
  • All component parts are replaceable and fully interchangeable
  • Various hose end connections available on request
  • Minimum fluid loss on disconnection
  • Third party classification society approved hydrostatic testing and breakaway program
  • Optimised design for maximum weight and cost savings

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