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FES supplies Rubicon Offshore International with Swivel Stack and DBSCs for intrepid FPSO in the Phillippines

In December 2011 Rubicon Offshore International moved its flagship FPSO, the Intrepid, from its station at Galoc Field SC14-C in the Philippines to a repair dock in Singapore for urgent upgrades ahead of phase II of its development programme. In order to deliver the next phase, the FPSO was scheduled for installation work which would upgrade its mooring system to a turret system, a process that would increase the Intrepid’s reliability and uptime.

The new turret system was heralded as a crucial component of the infrastructure to enable the Galoc Joint Venture to move ahead with the second phase of the programme.


The temporary turret system needed to be replaced with a more permanent secure and fully equipped turret in order to continue producing effectively.

The Galoc field was producing an average of 10,500 barrels a day so it was important to reduce FPSO downtime as much as possible and ensure that the upgrade of the Intrepid was conducted quickly and efficiently.

Strategy & Results

Working with Orwell Offshore, the company that supplied Rubicon with the full turret, UK-based FES International began developing various components for Orwell Turret.

With 15 years of experience, FES is now one of the most trusted suppliers of fluid transfer systems in the industry and specialises in building disconnectable transfer turrets and its components. For this specific project Orwell commissioned FES to supply the full swivel stack, which included two 6-inch 5,000psi high pressure production swivels with four multi path hydraulic swivels (10 1/4-inch 5,000psi) and an electric slip ring for power control.

A swivel stack is an important part of the turret which is used for subsea well heads and attaches to flexible risers to prevent contortion between the well and the floating storage and offloading (FSO) unit on the water surface.  The combination of the turret and the use of thermal thrusters allows for an FPSO to move around a stationary turret. The turret is connected to the risers and the wellhead under the surface, ensuring the risers do not contort and potentially become damaged.

Additionally FES also supplied four Diverless Bend Stiffener Connectors, which allow the riser umbilicals to connect to the turret and allow for quick disconnection in the event of an emergency.

FES designs its DBSCs to enable quick, efficient and cost effective installation of riser and umbilical bend stiffeners in often congested or confined areas. The latching mechanisms on these DBSCs have been tailored and manufactured to fit Rubicon’s requirement, providing an automatic intervention which offers safer and more reliable connections.

The project was fast-tracked at FES to ensure that it was delivered within the strict time constraints. As a result, the team was able to deliver the equipment in less than four months ensuring that the project was finished on time and to budget. The vessel left for repairs in December 2011 and was back on the Galoc field producing again in March 2012.

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