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Strategic Partnership: FES International and Amplus Energy


Offshore production specialists Amplus Energy, provides innovative new production solutions to all the major oil companies throughout the world. The company has a clear vision – to build a world-class fleet of Versatile Production Units (VPUs) that will service the needs of the global oil and gas industry. As part of its VPU development, the company recently called on the new technology and expertise of industry leading fluid transfer systems provider, FES International.

FES International, with its 20-year heritage in subsea technology was tasked with a project to engineer one of its turret type Disconnectable Transfer System (DTS) / turret for a new build VPU floating production storage and offloading (FPSO) vessel. The vessel in question has full dynamic position and weather-vaning capability.


A number of parameters affect the type of solution. With a tight budget in place it needed to be cost effective and deliverable within a short timescale. There were also environmental considerations to factor into the project, including suitability concerning water depth, load volume and type, duration on the field, and the potential environment in which it could be located.


In comparison to conventional offshore installations, FES International’s DTS / turret technology offers major cost savings concerning installation and decommissioning.

With conventional fixed platforms when the oil field is exhausted or the field is no longer economically viable, expensive de-commissioning is required and often the facility is scrapped. With the innovative DTS / turret and FPSO technology, however, when the field is exhausted the connections to the well heads are decommissioned and the vessel is free to sail to the next oilfield. This makes FES’ system ideal for many marginal fields around the world which, due to the current oil prices, are now economically viable.


The system is designed for multiple oil well capability and allows for the control of the subsea wells from the surface on-board the VPU FPSO. The DTS / turret allows for full 360-degree unrestricted weather-vaning of the vessel which is essential in harsh marine environments.

This system allows for the quick disconnection of all risers and umbilicals simultaneously (typically disconnection can take between 40 seconds and a minute), leaving the vessel completely free of the field. This is essential in the event of major incident or in the case of extreme weather such as hurricanes or cyclones, or to allow the vessel to leave the field for future upgrades.

The future

Amplus Energy is in discussion with several major oil companies located in areas such as the North Sea, Brazil, Africa, Mediterranean, and the Far East regarding both long term and marginal field developments. As a result, several feed studies are imminent due to interest in the new technology.

Together the FES and Amplus Energy strategic partnership offers a synergy of technical skills required to provide unique solutions for oil and gas production in often challenging marine environments.

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Flexible Engineered Solutions International (FES) is a leading provider of fluid transfer solutions to the offshore industry. With over 40 years’ experience, FES International has a proven track record in the design, manufacture and supply of products to the oil and gas and offshore renewables markets.

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